Digital Prints


Information about digitally printed logos.


What is a digitally printed logo?

Digitally printed logos are printed by a digital printer onto a medium that sticks permanently onto fabric when heat pressed on.  They can be any colour and any shape as the digital printer can also cut out very detailed shapes using super precise knives. 

The image is photo quality and the logo edges are super sharp for a really professional and modern finish.


How is a digitally printed logo made?

A quality image of the logo is required and a cut line is added using special graphics software.  Once the image is all ready, the transfer medium is loaded into the printer and the print colour is applied.  Next the printer uses a precise knife to cut in and around the logo as required.  Once the colour has cured the extra transfer medium that is not required is manually 'weeded' away from the image.  The remaining logo is then permanently heat pressed onto the garment.  


What is a digital print good for?

Digital prints are good for small to medium quantities and where there is a complex logo with many colours. It is also great for 100% polyester high tech sports fabrics as it doesn't pucker the fabric as embroidery can on lightweight materials.


How much does a digital print cost?

Digital prints have a two part cost.  There is a set-up cost for the process of preparing the image and setting up the cutter/printing machine.  Then there is a cost per logo which depends on the size of the print required.

Set-up is usually $30-$60 and the logo cost on average is $5-$10 depending on the size of the print, complexity and number required.